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Generic Propecia

Generic Finasteride is made up of the same substances as Propecia, and is equal to Propecia. Just as Propecia, a bona fide one milligram tablet of Finasteride, makes up the generic form.

A lot of men find Generic Propecia and – as our current society increasingly dictates – consider this medicine a ‘miracle tablet’ to grow back hair. However, Generic Propecia treatment is not usually like the BEFORE and AFTER photos that are on the online forums: similar to all medicine, the outcome can be different, varying greatly from one person to another person.

First of all, a compete examination by a qualified doctor is necessary to correctly identify androgenic alopecia, otherwise known as male pattern baldness. This is to avoid the wrong diagnosis; your hair loss could come from stress, thyroid problems or many other reasons. If that is what the problem is, you need not use Generic Propecia.

As of 1997, Generic Propecia (Finasteride) was the only medication that had received FDA approval as a treatment for androgenic alopecia, with a number of studies indicating that between 50% and 66% of men experience regrowth of hair when they take Generic Propecia 1 mg each day, while those taking a placebo lost more hair. One thing was found to be consistent among most men: Generic Propecia/Finasteride in the 1 mg daily dose eliminates future hair loss. However, if you are hoping for big bouncy curls to jump up out of your follicles, then maybe you will be disappointed. As far as a hair loss remedy, Generic Propecia is very prominent in modern medicine; but, we need to keep our expectations realistic.

The greatest hair loss remedy definitely is Generic Propecia; however if you desire to hold onto the hair of your youth, it is best to do something about the hair loss as soon as possible, instead of waiting to grow back hair later on, which might not happen. We are not saying that the hair can’t grow back – surely for some it does – but there are no guarantees. Therefore, careful observation of the top and sides of the head along with fast action, if required, just may save you. Just be sure to visit your doctor, get an authorized prescription and don’t take more than 1 mg daily (there aren’t any more clinical advantages if you take more than this dose).

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